I take care of your IT concerns

Whether you need home support for your project,

configure your PC, implement new software,

or integrate a NAS into your home network.

If you want to integrate your mobile phone, tablet,

or create a new website,


worrying about IT can be extensive and time-consuming.


CrimTech Wirz IT Support

is convinced that your IT needs

should be supported by an experienced site that offers

simple, easy-to-understand solutions tailored to your environment.


Contact me to find out more.

This website is still under construction.

However, you are welcome to look around and contact me.

My Services

Fast, Easy, Competent

With 17 years of end-customer support experience

in a variety of industries,

I offer assistance with

new installations of hardware and software,

software installation and configuration,

configuration and cleanup of the system,

consulting and training,

home networking, NAS integration.


Whatever comes up in your home IT infrastructure

I will gladly assist you

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