I take care of your IT concerns

Whether you need home support for your project,

configure your PC, implement new software,

or integrate a NAS into your home network.

If you want to integrate your mobile phone, tablet,

or create a new website,


an optimal configuration 

can be complex and time-consuming.


CrimTech Wirz IT Support

is convinced that your IT needs

should be supported by an experienced site that offers

simple, easy-to-understand solutions tailored to your environment.


Contact me to find out more.

My Services

Fast, Easy, Competent

With over 20 years of support experience

in a wide range of industries

I offer you help with

the optimization of your current infrastructure,

New installations of your hardware and/or software,

system configuration and cleanup,

consulting and training,

home networking, NAS integration.

Whatever arises in your home IT infrastructure


I will gladly assist you

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